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Vacuum Drying Chamber

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Vacuum Drying Chamber

Vacuum Drying Chamber Especially designed for drying heat-sensitive, easy-to-decompose and easy-to-oxidize substances; it is able to inject inert gas internally, in particular, it can even dry the substances with complex ingredients fast. It is widely used in electronic and chemical industries.


High quality materials ▪ Good sealed ▪ Convenient and Practical

Material of outer case The housing is processed and formed with high-quality (t=1.2mm) A3 color plates through CNC machine with surface sprayed with plastics, looking smoother and more artistic;Material of inner case Imported high-grade stainless steel (SUS304).


Special structure ▪ Durable and operate easily

The tension of closed chamber door can be adjusted, and integral-formed silicone rubber seal can ensure high vacuum degree inside the chamber.
Door handle: Introduce the door handle without counteraction for easy operation.


High performance ▪ efficiency and speed

Introducing IR Ni-Cr alloy high-speed heating electric heater
Totally independent high-temperature system shall not affect low temperature test, high temperature test and alternating hot and humid test.
The output power of temperature & humidity control shall be calculated by micro computer to achieve electricity use benefits of high precision and high efficiency.

ISO9001:2000 Certified

ISO14001:2004 Certified

Complied StandardsGB10485-89 GB4208-93 GB/T4942 and

                                    corresponding IEC ISO & ASTM standards



Contact Details

Contact : Maggie Zheng

Phone : 86-021-31396866

Mobile : 86-021-31396866

Physical Address: No.58 Xiangyun Road, Minhang district(Minhang District Economic and Technological Development Zone), Valsad, Gujarat

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