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Velocity Equipments Science Laboratory, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Physics

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Science, Laboratory, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Physics,  Microscopes, Electronic, Classroom Furniture, Playground Equipment, Teachers School Supply:

Velocity Laboratory & Educational Equipments: Experts in laboratory supplies & educational school supplies, we sell a vast range of lab testing, engineering training and educational products for all education levels, from nursery schools to universities. Leading suppliers of science, engineering teaching, maths curriculum products and laboratory supplies. We deliver the most innovative and engaging products to meet educational goals. All our laboratory & teaching equipments are tested and approved by educators recognized for their expertise.

Supply of Quality Laboratory Balances, Laboratory Glassware, Physics Lab Apparatus, Laboratory Chemicals, Science Lab Equipment, Laboratory Research Equipment, Biology Equipment, Pharmacy Lab Equipment, Electronic Equipment, Laboratory Wares and Microscopes. Classroom Furniture, Playground Equipment, Teacher Supplies, Preschool Equipment, Desks, Chairs, School Tables, Childrens Furniture, Chalkboards, Teachers Aids, Teaching & Instructional Materials, Engineering Training, Whiteboards, Classroom Equipments, High School Sports and School Sports

India  Electronic Instrument India  Laboratory Glassware India  Laboratory Balances
India  Laboratory Wares India  Laboratory Chemicals India  Research Equipment
India  Chemistry Lab Equipment India  Physics Lab Equipment India  Pharmacy Equipment
India  Biology Equipment India  General Laboratory Equipment India  Electronic Equipment
India  Scientific Microscopes India  Wooden Equipment India  Laboratory Instruments
India  Projection Screen India  Engineering College Instruments India  Engineering Lab Instuments
India  Heat Transfer Lab Equipment India  Mass Transfer Lab Equipment India  Fluid Mechanics Lab Equipment
India  Hydraulic Machine Lab India  Mechanic Operation Lab India  Chemical Reaction Engineering Lab
India  Applied Mechanics Gyroscope Models India  Engineering Models India  Civil Engineering Models
India  Object Drawing Models India  Automobile Lab Equipment India  Construction Machine Lab Equipment
India  Heat Engine Lab Equipments India  Hydraulic Fluid Mech Lab Equipments India  Heat Transfer Lab Equipments
India  Mechanism Models India  Mass Transfer Lab Equipments India  Momentum Transfer Lab Equipments
India  Refrig Air Cond. Lab Equipments India  Theory of Machine Lab Equipments India  Theory of Thermodynamics
India  Surveying Instruments Section India  Drawing Instruments Section India  Meteorological Instruments Section
India  Soil Testing Instruments Section India  Strength of Material Testing Equipments India  Petroleum Testing Instruments
India  Oven / Water Bath India  Audio Visual Equipments India  Test Sieves
India  Thermometer Baror India  Bitumen Testing Instruments India  Pathology Instruments
India  Biological Safety Cabinets India  Cryostat Microtomes India  Disposable Blades and Holders
India  Laboratory Fume Hoods India  Knife Sharpeners India  Laminar Air Flow
India  Micro Controlled Cryostst Microtomes India  Microscopes for Laboratory India  Microtome Knives
India  General Lab Equipments India  Other Microtome Accessories India  Other Microtomes
India  Physics Lab Equipments India  Fluid Machnics-Basic Principles India  Microwave Lab Training Kits
India  Capture Fluid Machines India  Hydraulic Research Instruments India  Water Treatement Process
India  Irrigation Water Management India  Thermodynamics India  Heat Transfer & Thermodynamics
India  Refrigeration & Air Conditioning India  Internal Combustion Engines India  Basic Process Principles
India  Biochemical Engineering India  Process Control Technology India  Food Technology Equipments
India  Testing Measuring & Laboratory Instruments India  Electronics Lab Training Modules India  Electronics Instruments Suppliers
India  Power Electronics Lab Training Modules India  Communication Lab Training Modules India  Instrumentation Lab Training Modules
India  Microwave Training Modules India  Physics Lab & Experimental Lab India  Dynamic Demonstrators & Trainers
India  Material Testing Equipment India  Bitumen Testing Equipment India  Cement Concrete Testing Equipment
India  Soil Testing Equipment India  Math Lab Instruments India  Electrical Engineering Laboratory
India  Electronic Educational Equipments India  Engineering Equipments India  Polytechnic  & Vocational Training Equipment
India  Laboratory Instrument India  Heat and Refrigeration System India  Psychological Apparatus
India  Laboratory Glassware India  Microtome Equipment India  Visual Equipment
India  Clean Air System India  Seed Technology Equipments India  Miscellaneous Equipment
India  Autoclave Sterilizers India  Hospital Lockers India  Rehabilitation Products & Aids
India  Operation Theatre Lights India  Suction Unit & Machines India  Infact Incubator
India  Orthopaedic Implants India  Electrosurgical Generator India  Anesthsia Equipments
India  Medical Disposable India  Cotton & Allied Products India  NDT Instruments

Velocity Educational Equipments are into Education Supplies, Activities & Kits, Science Equipments, Technical Apparatus, Learning Aids and Laboratory Equipment, caters for the needs of teachers in schools, colleges and universities.

Our supplies are available in the following sections:

Labware and Supplies - Laboratory equipments

Choose from thousands of basic supplies sourced from a global network of manufacturers to fully outfit your classroom and lab
Supplies for Every Science High quality equipment and materials for biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science appropriate for instruction in high schools and middle schools

Lab equipment from spatulas to Van de Graaf generators
Microscopes and magnifiers
Thermometers fridge, soil and window models
Primary kits for learning about nature, geology, the physical sciences and electricity
Secondary kits specialising in DNA, forensics and dissection


The Body anatomy models, skeletons of various sizes, body part models
Dissecting equipment scissors, knives, dishes, models
Health and Nutrition wide range of educational games, kits and resources to encourage a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet
The Environment - learning aids furthering the study of nature and wildlife


Balance, Pulleys and Weights
Circuit components
Electricity including transmitters, receivers, solar cells and motors
Solar system astronomical and geographical learning aids such as globes, models and floor mats
Motion, Motors and Accessories
Data logging


Microscopes - Innovative, intuitive, and incredible, these microscopes were created with input from teachers to be student-friendly, durable, and optically the best in educational microscopes. The industry standard in microscopes for education, every scope is backed by a lifetime, Unmatched Selection From student-grade to professional quality, microscopes are available for study, research, and digital microscopy

Elementary Products

Comprehensive elementary product line - science, math, and reading products dedicated specifically to meeting the needs of elementary classrooms

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If you have any enquiries or feedback about our science products for Education, click here to contact us.

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Physical Address: Loyola Group Buliding, Delhi, Delhi & NCR-110088

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