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Horizontal Autoclave

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A) Autoclave (Horizontal cylindrical

(Triple walled with Steam Jacket).

The autoclave is mounted on a Mild Steel tabular stand.  The autoclave Chamber & steam jacket are made of 14 SWG. Stainless steel, Outer shell which serves as a cover is made of stainless Steel.  Steam jacket allows dry sterilization. Hinged door is made of stainless steel. Radial Locking arms prevent opening of the door while Steam is inside the chamber.  Autoclave is fitted with neoprene gasket; steam is generated in a separate boiler which is placed below the main body.   Multiport valve is provided for Steam, dry sterilization & steam exhaust.

Autoclave is fitted with easily replaceable heaters and water level indicator.  Autoclave holds pressure at selected point between 10 to 20psi +/- 3 psi.  Pressure control has markings which are approximate; the actual pressure is as shown by the pressure gauge.  Hydraulically tested at 40psi. Fitted with safety valves pressure is as shown by the pressure gauge. Hydraulically tested at 40psi.  Fitted with safety Valves pressure gauges, steam release valve, steam trap, and one tray

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Contact : Avinash Singh

Phone : 011-27395783

Mobile : 9899350816

Physical Address: 3753/230 Chander Nagar Tri Nagar Delhi, Delhi, Delhi & NCR-110035

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