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B.O.D Incubator (Eco-Friendly) Automatic
It is specially designed for incubation of Biochemical Oxygen demand on water and sewage; this
can be used as environmental study and growth chamber by incorporating lighting and
humidification system. Triple walled inside anodized Aluminum/S.Steel outside mild steel fitted
with air circulating fans. Full view inner glass door with magnetic gasket allows inspection of
samples without disturbing the temp. of cabinet. Range 5C to 60C with an accuracy of 0.5C
by Solid State Digital Temperature Indicator cum controller, Refrigeration is done by ISI marked
Compressor/Condensing Units CFC free & R-134 a eco friendly refrigerant and heating by air
Heaters. Control panel has separate heating and cooling indicator lamps; temperature set
allows the user to select any desired temp. Voltmeter is provided at the panel to check the
Figure 1 B.O.D Incubator
Bone & meat cutting machine
Used extensively in preparation of specimen in anatomy and meat department and also
packing of Meat and large sized fishes. Table made of thick S.S. sheet with special heavy
axles for easy and firm movement, supplied complete with one blade, starter, cord and
plug. Suitable to work on 220 V, single phase, 50 Hz AC supply. Fitted with moving table and
extension table mounted on four ball-bearing rollers.
Figure 2: Bone & meat cutting machine
Autoclave (Vertical)
Inner chamber made of Stainless Steel (304 Grade), Outer Body Made of thick Mild Steel
finished with Hammer Tone Paint/ S.S. Coated, Head made of Mild Steel- S.Steel lined. Pressure
gauge. Provided with Radial locking system, safety device and with S.S. basket, water level
indicator. Pressure up to 20 PSI, Complete with plug in Cord to work on 220 volts. A.C.
Figure 3 : Autoclave (Vertical)
Autoclave (Horizontal)
Triple walled cylindrical with Full Steam jacket and separate Boiler, inner chamber and steam
jacket are made up of Heavy gauge S.S. Sheet with leak proof argon-arc welding. The sterilizer
has single piece door made of stainless steel. Back plate and ring is also made of thick stainless
steel sheet. Mounted on tubular steel frame with ground leveling screwed flanges. The Outer
jacket is wrapped with asbestos sheet or glass wool. Steam Generator made of heavy stainless
steel sheet. Plate is fitted with heating elements and low water level cutoff device. Front folding
plate system provides for easy cleaning of the deposited scale on the elements. Fitted with
water gauge glass for water level indication, water inlet and outlet valves pressure control
Complete sterilizing cycle is controlled from one point with the help of Multiport Valve fitted
at front top. Two speeds of steam exhaust are available; fast and slow. Easily readable jacket
and chamber pressure on gauges mounted on the multi port valve. A moisture trap is fitted in
the chamber discharge line to absorb the condensate automatically to prevent moistening of
the subject matter to be sterilized.
Automatic Vacuum breaker is provided to break vacuum in case of formation of vacuum due to
steam condensation. Hydraulically tested up to 40 psi. Sterilizing temperature 121c, Sterilizing
pressure : 1.2 to 1.5 kg/cm2 (15 psi to 22psi) Power Requirement : Suitable to operate on 440V
volts, 3 ph, 50 Hz, Ac supply Size Inside the Chamber
Figure 4: Autoclave (Horizontal)
Fermenter Vessel
The Fermented vessel is made of S.S Provided with Heating Element. Fitted with pressure
gauge, pressure release valve . Provided with inlet and outlet of cold water. The inoculation
port and sampling ports. One port fitted with temperature gauge. The entire Fermented
assembly is covered with steam jacket having safety valve.
Figure 5 : Fermenter Vessel
Flocculater (jar testing or multiple spindle stirrer)
This unit is designed for floc formation test in water treatment plants with variable speed from
30 to 180 RPM 1/20 H.P. geared motor whole unit is mounted on Mild steel housing, support by
four benches of 9 height, S.Steel stirring paddle 1/3' are attached to rods 10.14" long 1/4"
Dia motor with lifting knob at the top. Locking collars at stirring rods permits adjustments of
paddle height spacing of 6" between rods, permits use of 1000 ml. beakers arresting directly on
bench. Complete with ON/OFF Switch. Supplied without Beakers.
Figure 6: Flocculater
Fume hood
Thick wooden board fabricated, outer is finished with Laminated Mica and inner duly painted,
designed so as to throw-out all toxic/harmful vapors, thus protecting costly instruments and the
person working in the lab. Working table Top is fitted with acid/alkali resistant tile. The front
door moves vertically up and down with concealed counter balanced weight/by Hinges. The
unit is fitted with fluorescent light and a gas cock for gas/air supply. The space under the work
station can be provided with switches for exhaust system and fluorescent lights. With built in
exhaust system. Workable on 220 Volts AC supply.
Figure 7: Fume hood
Bacteriological incubator (Mummert type)
Double walled inside made of thick Aluminum/ S.S. outer made of M.S. duly finished with
Powder Coating. Thermostatically controlled. Temp. 5C above room temp. to 90C Accuracy
1C. Door has double viewing window to observe the sample placed inside the chamber
without disturbing the thermal condition. Complete with accessories.
Figure 8 : Bacteriological incubator
Laboratory stirrer
The motor stirrer having maximum speed upto 4000 RPM unit is clamped to a C.P. rod fitted on
a heavy cast iron base. The height and angle of the stirrer can be adjusted according to the
requirement. Variable speed motor with speed regulator is fitted with S.S. Stirrer rod to give
smooth and Noiseless operation. Available with or without Drill-Chuck.
Figure 9: Laboratory stirrer
Laminar air flow bench (Horizontal)
This complete package unit is provided to give clean air to any laboratory. Useful where any
hyper critical work has to be performed within minimum contamination as they assure 99.97%
removal of airborne particles as 0-3 microns in the work area. The basic elements are prefilters,
heavy duty blower assembly; HEPA (high Efficiency particular Air) filter (Absolute filter)
fresh air is drawn through the pre-filter and passes to absolute HEPA filter. Ultra clean air
moves horizontally in Laminar flow bench cross the work area at a velocity of approximate 90;
20 feet per minute.
CONSTRUCTION : Basic material is Duero board wood front back top and exterior surfaces are
covered with Formica, All interior surfaces are epoxy painted filter seat is carefully formed,
installed and checked for leakage. Work table is made of Mica top and side panels are made of
6 mm thick glass transparent framed in anodized Aluminum angle frame. Blowers are fitted
with 1/4 H.P. Electric Motor operates with minimum noise and vibration. Suitable to operate on
220 Volts 50 Cy. AC supply.
Complete with HEPA Filters, Pre-filters, Motor Blower, Manometer, Gas Cock, Transparent
Acrylic Sheet Front and Side Doors.
Figure 10: Laminar air flow bench
Low temperature cabinet (Horizontal)
Double walled inside S.Steel outside mild steel painted. Full view inner glass door with magnetic
gasket. Temperature controlled by Digital electronic temperature indicator cum Controller.
Refrigeration is done by hermetically sealed compressor (CFC free) fitted with cooling coils
having uniform distribution in the chamber. Complete with all accessories workable on 220
volts AC supply.
Figure 11: Low temperature cabinet
Magnetic stirrer (With hot plate)
These apparatus are intended for stirring solutions of low viscosity in open or closed vessels.
Stirring is accomplished by a magnetized Teflon coated paddle to be placed in the container.
Each apparatus of this group can be operated on a bench, a stand or a laboratory scaffold as
well. The intensity of stirring, depending on requirements, can be adjust with the thyristorised
voltage controller incorporated which also ensures steeples adjustments from very low to the
maximum agitation & Heating is Controlled by Energy Regulator.
Figure 12: Magnetic stirrer
Rectangular muffle furnace (1000C)
Light Weight Maximum Temp. 1000C and working temp. up to 900C Heating is done by
Embedded Heater run around the chamber & controlled by Energy Regulator 5C or Digital
Temperature Indicator cum Controller, the outer body is made of thick mild steel duly painted.
The apparatus is complete with pyrometer. Thermo-couple, silver fuse, two Neon lights with
wire and plug to work on 220/230 Volts AC, (with Silicone Fibre insulation)
Figure 13: Rectangular muffle furnace
Oven universal (Mummer type)
Double walled, outer chamber made of M.S. Duly painted / Powder Coated with glass wool
insulation between two walls. Inner wall made of Aluminum/Stainless steel. Heating elements
are placed in ribs of the bottom and sides for uniform heating having Temperature Range 5C
above ambient to 250C. Air ventilator adjustable fitted on both sides provided with L shape
thermometer fixed at front of the oven. Temp. is controlled by thermostat with an accuracy of
1C fitted with Main switch, Pilot Lamp, Temp. Controlling knob and supplied with perforated
shelves and workable on 220 Volts 50 Hz AC mains.
Figure 14: Oven universal
Plant growth / Environmental chamber
Double Walled highly Insulated Inner Chamber made of Stainless Steel (304 Grade), Outside
made of M.S. duly Painted complete Temp. Range 5C to 50C under normal Conditions & 15C-
50C , Accuracy 1C when lights from both sides and top are ON. Humidity range 55% to 90%
5% supplied with 0-24 Hours Timer. Temperature and Humidity is controlled by Electronic
Digital Temperature and Humidity Indicator cum Controller. Refrigeration is done by CFC free
Compressor and Heating is done by S.S. Tubular Heaters.
Figure 15: Environmental chamber
Vacuum rotary evaporator (Bunchy type)
It is used for vacuum distillation of solvent at high and low temp. Having non-sparking
motor reduces risk of fire at variable speed for variety of use (90 RPM to 240 RPM).
It permits continuous feed of solvent into evaporating pear shape flask and also
distillation under control atmosphere. All glass parts are easily replaceable. It is supplied
with 1 Lt. Evaporator and receiving flask. Steam duct a condenser, inlet feed 2 clamps,
a dry unit wire cord and Plug to work on 220 volts AC.
Figure 16 : Vacuum rotary evaporator
Rotary shaker horizontal table top model
The system is completely designed for continuous shaking of solutions in conical flasks from 50
to 1000 ml capacity. Whole unit is mounted on frame and tabletop is fitted with rubber discs
mounted on ball bearing cranks shafts to give an orbital motion to the flasks, within a diameter
of approximately 2. The motor is driven by V belt & the speed controlled by mechanical
speed controller. Workable on 220 Volts AC.Provided with M.S/ S.S. Top.
Figure 17 : Rotary shaker
Vacuum oven (Double walled)
Inner Chamber made of S.Steel, outside Mild steel Temperature range 50C to 150C accuracy
2C capable of withstanding a Vacuum of 76 cm. Provided with temp. Regulator indicator lamps
and ON/OFF Switch but without Vacuum Pump, workable on 220 Volts AC
Figure 18 : Vacuum oven (DOUBLE WALLED)
Water bath rectangular (Double walled)
Double walled inner chamber made of Stainless Steel outer made of S.S/Mild Steel duly
painted/ Powder Coated. Top has 75 mm holes with concentric rings. Temperature range up to
99C. Accuracy 1C thermostatically Controlled fitted with Neon Lamp; indicator, main switch
and workable on 220 Volt 50 Hz. A.C.
Figure 19 : Water bath rectangular
High precision water bath (With stirrer)
Double walled, Inner chamber made of Stainless steel Outer chamber made of M.S. Duly
painted / Powder Coated. Gap between the two walls is filled with Glass wool. Temp. is
Temp. to 95C, Accuracy 0.1C. Stirrer is provided for continuous stirring, front glass window
on one side for visibility of the sample Supplied with mains lead etc. workable on 220 Volts 50
Hz. AC mains.
Figure 20 : High precision water bath
Refrigerated water bath with circulation system
Inner chamber made of Stainless steel, outside mild Steel Painted/ Powder Coated. The gap
between the two is filled with glass wool. Heating by immersion heater placed in the chamber
and cooling by sturdy refrigeration unit duly controlled by Electronic Digital Temperature
Controller Cum Indicator from 5C to 90C with Sensitivity of 2C. Front panel is 0provided
with indicator lamp individual switches for heating and cooling purpose.
Figure 21 : Refrigerated water bath with circulation system
Serological water bath (Without racks Thermometer)
Double walled Thermostatically controlled inside made of stainless steel outer made of
S.S./M.S. duly painted/ Powder Coated. Gap between the wall in filled with glass wool. Temp.
range 5C above room Temp. to 80C with an Accuracy 1C. Dome type cover is provided at
the top with perforated shelf inside the chamber. Working on 220 Volt 50 Hz. A.C. Supply.
Figure 22: Serological water bath
Humidity Cabinet
CONSTRUCTION: - Double walled outer M.S. sheet duly powder coated. Inner
Aluminum/Stainless Steel with 2/3 Nos. adjustable shelves duly perforated. Having heavy duty
M.S. Stand. The door is an impressive structure having glass window & sealed by Rubber
Gasket. Gap between the walls is filled with glass wool insulation.
PANEL: - Consists of Temp. Controller i.e. by thermostat of Digitally controlled by
Thermostat/Digital Humidity Controlled by imported humidistat placed inside the chamber.
Supplied with Hygrometer to check exact Humidity inside the chamber.
The Temperature is recorded on the "L" shaped thermometer fitted at the front of the cabinet.
The water tank is provided at the bottom and the steam is circulated by water pump/motor
fitted at the of the chamber.
Figure 23 : Humidity Cabinet
Biological safety cabinet (Biohood) Class II
Applications include isolation and identification of plant/human pathogens, work in virology, tissue
culture, sterility testing and recombinant DNA research. This Biohazard Cabinet offers operator
protection from low to moderate risk biological agents (or chemical carcinogens (, while providing a
sterile work environment for the procedure. The cabinet is kept under negative pressure with partial
quantity of reticulated air exhausted through a HEPA filter. External exhaust from the laboratory is
Figure 24 : Biological safety cabinet
Seed Germinator
Most suitable for conducting various experiments one variety of seeds under different conditions of
temperature and timidity. Atmospheric conditions are created within the chamber to perforated
different experiments without going on to the field. The double walled unit has inner chamber made
of anodized aluminum or Stainless Steel and outer chamber of M.S. sheet duly painted. Temperature
from 5C 1C is controlled by Digital Temperature controller-cum-Indicator. Humidity (Not
adjustable) is created in a S.S. water reservoir fitted at the bottom to provide 90% to 95% 3% RH
Humidity. Supplied complete with 14 adjustable perforated trays with exterior lighting arrangement
on both sides & electronic Digital Temperature Controller - Cum - Indicator. Complete with cord and
plug to work on 220/230 volts A.C. Supply.
Figure 25 : Seed Germinator
Blood Bank Refrigerator
Blood Bank Refrigerators are most versatile unit for Blood Bank, specially designed for this purpose. It
is available various capacities for storing the blood bags/bottles of capacity upto 450 ml., in an
automatically controlled temperature of 4C. to 6C. Forced air circulation ensures uniform
Construction: External body is made M.S. sheet, duly pretreated and is finished with powder coated
paint for lasting finish. Caster wheels provided for easily mobility. Inner chamber is made of high
quality stainless steel, highly polished S.S. trays are provided, for accommodating blood bottles or
Blood bags.
Cooling System: Cooling is achieved by highly efficient refrigeration system using hermetically
sealed compressor and other parts.
Two doors are provided Inner door is of clean acrylic sheet glass for easy viewing inside the chamber.
Outer door is duly insulated for proper sealing from external environment and is lockable.
Temperature Control: Temperature inside the chamber is maintained automatically by electronic
digital temp. Controller-cum-indicator.
An audiovisual alarm system is incorporated with battery backup in case of mains failure or
temperature variation beyond permitted tolerance or door opening to prevent the spoilage of stored
blood bags. Inside illumination is provided for visibility of bags kept inside the chamber.
Control Panel: All controls such as digital temperature controller-cum indicator, mains switches,
indicating lights, battery check switch, Audio visual alarm, & voltmeter are easily accessible.
Power supply: Suitable to work on 220 V, 50Hz, AC supply.
Figure 26 :Blood Bank Refrigerator
Mortuary Chamber
Mortuary storage system is designed for storing cadaverous under cool condition to prevent
decomposition. These are latest development in Mortuary technology offering vast space saving
advantage over the conventional type together with greater hygiene. Useful for Hospitals, Railways &
Airports etc.
Double-walled with mild steel/pre fabricated panels for outer surface and stainless steel inner
chamber with insulation in between. Front opening, hinged insulated doors lined with magnetic
gasket, handle and lock arrangement with keys in duplicate for individual dead bodies. Trays to carry
dead bodies with handles at both ends, travel on rollers fitted for easy movement. Exterior surface in
chemically treated, antirust coated and duly finished with powder coated paint. To avoid any moving
part inside the cabinet, for easier maintenance and cleaning refrigeration unit is kept outside the
chamber and fixed at rear. Temperature of 2C to +5C is maintained by hermetically sealed
refrigerator compressor unit and is controlled by an automatic electronic solid state digital
temperature controller cum indicator.
Temperature controller is mounted on front panel, provided on front top, along with pilot lamp, main
switch etc. Supplied complete with trays, cord and plug. Suitable to work on 220 V, single phase, 50
Hz, Ac supply.
Available in following sizes :
Single body
Two bodies
Three bodies
Four bodies
Figure 27 : Mortuary Chamber
Autopsy Table
Autopsy table are especially for all kinds of postmortem work. The construction of this table
incorporates state-of-the-art engineering, heavy gage stainless steel and conveniences. Autopsy
stainless steel table mounted on stainless steel tubular stand. Scientifically designed for maximum
efficiency. Provided with Two Nos 6" wide body-supports (S. Steel) removable type, six position head
rest, crusher (grinder/aspirator) for disposal, chrome plated swing spout mixing faucet for hot and
cold water, lever handle for waste/drain and deep & large S. S. Sink with overflow.
 Autopsy Table

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