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Api Impurities(referance Std) Manufacturer And Supplier

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Company Profile & Product Details

Rabeprazole Impurity N-Oxide
Rabeprazole Impurity Sulfone
Rabeprazole Impurity 4-Methoxy
Rabeprazole Impurity Dimer
Rabeprazole Impurity Sulfone N-Oxide
Aripiprazole Impurity Dehydro
Aripiprazole Impurity N-Oxide
Aripiprazole Impurity G
Aripiprazole Impurity(USP) B
Aripiprazole Impurity(USP) C
Aripiprazole Impurity Quinolinone
Aripiprazole Impurity Chlorophenyl piperazine
Aripiprazole Impurity 2-Chloro
Aripiprazole Impurity 3-Chloro
Aripiprazole Impurity 3,4-Dichloro
Aripiprazole Impurity 2,4-Dichloro
Atorvastatin Impurity A
Atorvastatin Impurity B
Atorvastatin Impurity C
Atorvastatin Impurity D
Atorvastatin Impurity E
Atorvastatin Impurity F
Atorvastatin Impurity G
Atorvastatin Impurity H
Atorvastatin Impurity 3-OXO
Atorvastatin Impurity 5-OXO
Atorvastatin Impurity (3R,5S)-isomer
Atorvastatin Impurity Olefin
Atorvastatin Impurity Methyl Ester
Esomeprazole Impurity A
Esomeprazole Impurity B
Esomeprazole Impurity C
Esomeprazole Impurity D
Esomeprazole Impurity E
Esomeprazole Impurity F
Esomeprazole Impurity Sulfone N-Oxide
Cetirizine Impurity A
Cetirizine Impurity B
Cetirizine Impurity C
Cetirizine Impurity D
Cetirizine Impurity F
Cetirizine Impurity G
Cetirizine Impurity N-Oxide
Clopidogrel Impurity A
Clopidogrel Impurity B
Clopidogrel Impurity C
Duloxetine Impurity A 
Duloxetine Impurity B
Duloxetine Impurity C
Duloxetine Impurity D
Duloxetine Impurity E
Duloxetine Impurity F
Duloxetine Impurity N-Desmethyl
Duloxetine Impurity Alpha hydroxy
Duloxetine Impurity Hydroxy
Dihydro Galantamine (Galantamine Impurity C)
Galantamine Impurity Racemic Narwedine
Galantamine Impurity D
Galantamine Impurity O-Desmethyl
Galantamine Impurity N-Oxide
Epi Galantamine (Impurity B)
N-Desmethyl (Impurity E)
Levetiracetam EP Impurity A
Levetiracetam EP Impurity B
Levetiracetam EP Impurity C
Levetiracetam EP Impurity D (R-enantiomer)
Levetiracetam USP RC A
Linezolid Impurity Dimer
Linezolid Impurity N-Oxide
Linezolid Impurity R-isomer
Linezolid Impurity Desfluoro
Linezolid Impurity USP B
Linezolid Impurity Ester
Olanzapine Impurity N-Oxide
Olanzapine Impurity C
Olanzapine Impurity B
Olanzapine Impurity N-Desmethyl
Olanzapine Impurity Amino
Oxcarbazepine Impurity-F
Oxcarbazepine Impurity 9-Methyl-acridine
Oxcarbazepine Impurity N-Formyl
Oxcarbazepine Impurity-G
Oxcarbazepine Impurity-L
Oxcarbazepine Impurity-I(11-Keto)
Quetiapine Impurity N-Oxide Sulfoxide
Quetiapine Impurity N-Oxide
Quetiapine Impurity L
Quetiapine Impurity B
Quetiapine Impurity G
Quetiapine Impurity I
Quetiapine ImpurityA
Rizatriptan Impurity N-Oxide
Rizatriptan Impurity D
Rizatriptan Impurity Dimer 1
Rizatriptan Impurity N-Monodesmethyl
Rizatriptan Impurity C
Rizatriptan Impurity G
Rizatriptan Impurity Dimer
Rizatriptan Impurity F
Simvastatin Impurity A
Simvastatin Impurity B
Simvastatin Impurity C
Simvastatin Impurity E+F
Simvastatin Impurity G
Simvastatin Impurity E
Solifenacin Impurity N-Oxide
Solifenacin Impurity SS-isomer
Solifenacin Impurity RR-isomer
Solifenacin Impurity RS-isomer
Terazosin EP Impurity A
Terazosin EP Impurity B
Terazosin EP Impurity C (USP RC A)
Terazosin EP Impurity D
Terazosin EP Impurity E (USP RC C)
Valacyclovir Impurity A
Valacyclovir Impurity B
Valacyclovir Impurity C
Valacyclovir Impurity D
Valacyclovir Impurity E
Valacyclovir Impurity F
Valacyclovir Impurity G
Valacyclovir Impurity H
Valacyclovir Impurity I
Valacyclovir Impurity J
Valsartan Impurity A
Valsartan Impurity B
Valsartan Impurity C
Valsartan Impurity Methyl Ester
Valsartan Impurity Desoxopentyl
Zolmitriptan Impurity N-Oxide
Zolmitriptan Impurity N-Desmethyl
Zolmitriptan Impurity R-isomer
Zolmitriptan USP Related Compound C
Zolmitriptan USP Related Compound D
Donepezil Impurity Pyridine Analog
Donepezil Related Compound A
Donepezil Impurity Deoxy
Risperidone EP Impurity A
Risperidone EP Impurity B
Risperidone EP Impurity C
Risperidone EP Impurity D
Risperidone EP Impurity E
Risperidone EP Impurity F
Risperidone EP Impurity G
Risperidone Impurity N-Oxide

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Contact : Ram Vishal Verma

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Mobile : 8261038119

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Physical Address: SCO-208 M-1 Plaza Jharmajri, Baddi, Solan, Himachal Pradesh-173205

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