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Features and Specifications


1>   Completely click less interrupt.

2>   +20dB key.

3>   Masking: - Wide, Narrow & Speech band noise.

4>   Tone Decay test.

5>   Pulse Tone function.

6>   Bone conduction:- 250Hz(50dB), 500Hz(70dB), 750Hz(70dB), 1Khz(70dB), 1.5Khz(70dB), 2Khz(70dB), 3Khz(70dB), 4Khz(70dB), 6Khz(70dB).                                        

7>   Air conduction:- 250Hz(90dB), 500Hz(120dB), 750Hz(120dB), 1Khz(120dB), 1.5Khz(120dB), 2Khz(120dB), 3Khz(120dB), 4Khz(120dB), 6Khz(100dB), 8Khz(100dB).

8>   Provided with bone vibrator and HD-01 headphones. (TDH-49 optional)

9>   Complete digital calibration.

10>     Can be connected to a computer via USB and operated as a PC based audiometer.

11>      PC software provided free of cost in standard packing.

12>     Small form factor.

13>     Award winning design. (Cypress Design contest 2002, U.S.A.)

14>     Possible to connect to free-field Amplifier via separate junction box.

Contact Details

Contact : JAGDISH

Phone : 091 265 2330534

Mobile : 9426079495

Physical Address: 111,MEGHDHANUSH SOCIETY,OLD PADARA ROAD, Vadodara, Gujarat-390020

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