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Tensile Testing Machine Electronic Computer Control Tensile Testing Machine

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Company Profile & Product Details

Electronic computer control tensile testing machineMax. test load : 100kN.  Load measuring range : 0.4%--100%(400 N-100000N)

Load indicated accuracy : precede indicated 1%

Load resolution : 1/300000(no section similar to six sections)

Crosshead displacement measuring accuracy : resolution high than 0.0025mm

Deformation measuring accuracy : 0.5%(in the range of 0.2-10mm)

Test speed range : 0.01-500mm/min

Speed controlling accuracy : 1%(0.01~10mm/min); 0.5%(10~500mm/min)

Constant load, constant deformation, constant displacement controlling range: 0.2%-100%FS

Clamp mode: wedge clamp, flat jaw : 0-7mm, round jaw: φ4-φ9

 Constant load, constant deformation, constant displacement controlling accuracy:

When set load <10%FS, its in 1.0% of set load

When set load ≥10%FS, its in 0.1% of set load

Deformation velocity controlling accuracy :

When velocity <0.05%FS, its in 2.0% of set load

When velocity ≥0.05%FS, its in 0.5% of set load

Effective test space :  A: tension space 600mm

   B: compression space 700mm

C: width 400mm

Clamp mode: wedge clamp, flat jaw : 0-7mm, round jaw: Size of platen: φ100mm

 Power supply: single-phase: 220V10%,50Hz, power: 2 kW

Working condition: room temperature--35℃, relative humidity not more then 80%

Load frame size: 8305502000mm

Weight: 320kg

Contact Details

Phone : 86 759 33290866

Mobile : 86 15916701851

Physical Address: No. 109, LIYATANG Industrial Zone, TANGXIA Town, DONGGUAN City, GUANGDONG Province, Outside India

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