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The soil testing kit is of immerse use of farmers for the determination specific of N, P, K & pH in soil and accordingly regulate the application of fertilizer to achieve higher agriculture production.

The soil testing kit is meant for efficient use of fertilizer and adopting better farming practices. The efficient use o fertilizer is directly related with soil quality as well as the uptake of fertilizers by the crop, which can be quantitatively evaluated by soil testing. It is important that excessive use of fertilizer be avoided, not only to avoid potential waste of plant nutrients but also for improving environmental quality. However facilities of soil testing at required time & place are not available to farmers at large. There is lacks of awareness also. Soil testing kit can analyse 4 different parameters namely soil pH, Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium. Kit will help the farmers to analyse soil at a nominal cost at their door step which will be supplemented by technical recommendation for balanced use of fertilizer through readily available instructions with the kit, thus reduce the excessive use of fertilizer, improve and maintain soil fertility.

The soil kit cam be demonstrated to farmers for their use and accordingly the dosing of fertilizers can be fixed for different crops. This will help farmers to save money on unnecessary wastage of fertilizers which also helps in saving the environment.

The kit will also help in soil amendment as well as cropping pattern.

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Contact : Er. Anjali

Phone : 7379444478

Mobile : 7379444478

Physical Address: , Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh-226016 Price ( INR ) : 5500.00

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